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Instructions how to collect DNA-samples


Here you will find instructions how to collect DNA-samples using FTA-cards.


Put name and social security number on the FTA-card. Make sure not to touch the pink area intended for the DNA sample.

1. Unpack the sterile swab, make sure not to touch the foam tip.

2. Holding the plastic handle of the swab, place the foam tip in the mouth and rub foam tip inside the cheek 6-7 times. Repeat using the opposite side of the foam tip on the other side of the cheek.

3. Carefully lift the paper cover of the FTA card to expose the pink sample area. Press the flat circular foam tip within the sample circle area. Turn the foam tip and press the other side within the same circle. Roll the foam tip from side to side but do not rub.

4. The FTA card changes colour from pink to white to indicate a successful sample collection.

5. Discard the swab. Swabs that have been in contact with the FTA-card should not be reused for collection of more samples.

6. Let the paper dry in room temperature for an hour.

7. Fold the FTA-card and send it together with the medical certificate to the following address:

The National Board of Forensic Medicine
Department of Forensic Genetics and Forensic Toxology
Box 1383